In Spring 2023, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform organised in Portugal a series of cultural initiatives aimed at raising awareness on the topic of shipbreaking.
Fifteen powerful images were pasted on selected walls of the city of Lisbon. Via visual storytelling, the project not only showed how the huge metal skeletons of old vessels are still dangerously stripped apart on the shores of the Global South but also opened a window into the lives of the exploited workers and vulnerable local communities, denouncing the illegality of this toxic trade. The Platform also organised two live performances at Largo Residências and at MAD - Marvilla Art District. Live music, visuals and theatre were combined by artists Serenella Martufi and Isacco Chiaf to provide a comprehensive overview of the issue through a unique multimedia format.


Both projects were based on the multimedia work With Bare Hands, created by award-winning photojournalist Tomaso Clavarino and videomaker Isacco Chiaf in 2016.


Nicola Mulinaris, Platform's staff member, during the pasting of the posters - © Illusive


The campaign saw the financial support of private donors and the partnership of several local and international entities.



Circular Economy Portugal, Human Rights Watch, Illusive Studios, Largo Residências, MAD - Marvilla Art District Sciaena, Sciaena, SOS Amianto, ZERO.



Ghost Creative Productions, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Polo Cultural Gaivotas - Boavista, Junta de Freguesia da Misericórdia.