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Deutsche Welle - Bangladesh: where our ships go to die and pollute

January 2024

Deutsche Welle - Scrapping ships in Bangladesh

January 2024

SRF - Die umstrittene reise zum schiffsfriedhof

May 2023

Arte - L’amiante, l’histoire sans fin

November 2022

The Tyee - How the shipping industry sails through legal loopholes

May 2022

Reporters United - Beware Greeks breaking ships

June 2021

Forbes - Where The World Sends Its Multimillion-Dollar Ships To Die

June 2021

Business Insider - How $300 Million Cruise Ships Are Demolished

May 2021

Cheddar News - Why Cruise Ships Go To Turkey To Die

May 2021

BBC - UK cruise ships scrapped in India's 'ship graveyard'

March 2021

The Guardian - Bangladesh shipbreakers win right to sue UK owners in landmark ruling

March 2021

The Daily Star - Toxic ships sail in on false papers

December 2020

RÚV - Where Eimskip's ships go to die

September 2020

BBC Disclosure - Breaking Bad: Uncovering The Oil Industry's Dirty Secret

March 2020

The Guardian - 'Mollah’s life was typical': the deadly ship graveyards of Bangladesh

January 2020

TV4 - Fartyg skrotas under livsfarliga förhållanden

November 2019

El Confidencial - Así usan las petroleras los paraísos fiscales para deshacerse de sus barcos: el caso Cepsa

October 2019

SRF - Schweizer Schiff in Bangladesch verschrottet

October 2019

The Sun - The deadly boat graveyards

September 2019

ZEMBLA - SBM's toxic tanker

September 2019

France 2 - Inde: des chantiers navals de démolition qui font scandale

June 2019

The Economist - The world’s biggest ship-breaking town is under pressure to clean up

March 2019

The Independent - How a UK company is using a Caribbean tax haven to cash in on scrapping toxic ships in one of the world’s poorest countries

February 2019

The Ecologist - The toxic trade of obsolete ships

October 2018

South China Morning Post - Two years since Pakistan’s Gadani ship-breaking disaster, why are workers still dying?

October 2018

Courrier International - Les cimetières des navires : où les vieux cargos sont-ils démantelés?

October 2018

Il Post - Sapete come si smantella una nave?

October 2018

Reuters - Shipping's financiers turning the tide on shipbreaking practices

May 2018

VICE - India’s huge ship-breaking industry is destroying its workers’ health

March 2018

RT - Toxic Case: Dutch shipping bosses in court over selling vessels with harmful waste

February 2018

The Guardian - 'This is the world’s cheapest place to scrap ships’ – but in Chittagong, it’s people who pay the price

December 2017

Bloomberg - Brazil to Crack Down on Ships Sold Into `Toxic' Scrap Trade

August 2017

Le Monde - Palaos, le pavillon corbillard en vogue chez les armateurs

August 2017

Das Erste - Abgewrackt in Bangladesch: Schmutzige Spuren deutscher Schiffsfonds

July 2017

The Guardian - Where oil rigs go to die

May 2017

Jyllands-Posten - Med de bare næver: Forfærdelige forhold og triste tragedier på velfærdets skrotplads

February 2017

Corriere della Sera - A Mani Nude

January 2017

Al Jazeera - With Bare Hands

December 2016

El Pais - Cementerio de hombres y barcos

December 2016

La Stampa - Pochi controlli e costi ridotti, le navi italiane demolite in India

October 2016

Politiken - Mærsk slækker krav til miljø og sikkerhed for at spare en milliard på at få gamle skibe skåret itu

October 2016

DanWatch - Maersk and the hazardous waste in Bangladesh

October 2016

Los Angeles Times - Adult and underage workers risk their lives in bangladesh’s rising ship-breaking industry

March 2016

Deutsche Welle – Ship recycling is risky work in Bangladesh

January 2016

Repubblica - Demolizione delle navi, le accuse della Ong alle compagnie italiane

January 2016

France 2 – Les coulisses du plus grand cimetière de bateaux du monde

May 2015

VICE - Where Giant Cargo Ships Go to Die

February 2015

ZDF - Giftiger Tankerschrott für Bangladesch

October 2014

National Geographic - The Ship-Breakers

May 2014

CNN - Hidden shame of ship-breaking industry

July 2010

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