Ship owners typically seek to circumvent existing international waste laws, using the services provided by middlemen known as cash buyers. Increased awareness of the way the shipbreaking business operates has prompted several ongoing investigations into illegal exports and imports of end-of-life ships. These cases set important precedents for holding the shipping industry liable for human rights abuses and pollution caused by dirty and dangerous shipbreaking.


"It is the Claimant’s case that Zodiac knew, or ought to have known, that there was a foreseeable risk of physical harm to workers when they allowed their vessel to be sold to a Chittagong yard through a cash buyer."
Martyn Day - Senior Partner - Leigh Day



We actively engage with Port Authorities and the Basel Focal Points when it is clear that illegal exports are imminent or have occurred. Cases like the ones below have led authorities in different states to becoming aware that more cooperation between them is necessary to stop ship owners’ illegal conduct.


Assist us in tracking end-of-life ships. Keep us informed of any ship suspected of being sent to the beaches of Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. We keep our sources confidential when requested.