Platform News – Performance With Bare Hands (Live) in Brussels

Published in June 17th, 2019

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform invites you to attend the artistic performance With Bare Hands (Live) on Friday 21 June in Brussels (Belgium). 


With Bare Hands (Live) is a show in which live music, video, and the testimonies of the people directly affected by the most dangerous industry in the world are combined to create a unique narrative experience. The audience will visit the shipbreaking beaches of South Asia, one of the deadliest and most polluted places on earth.


The vast majority of world's end-of-life ships are broken down on the shores of South Asia. On the one hand, workers, often exploited migrants, lose their lives and suffer injuries and occupational diseases due to unsafe working conditions and exposure to toxic substances. On the other hand, coastal ecosystems and the local communities depending on them are devastated by toxic spills and other types of pollution. 


With Bare Hands (Live) will give the web-documentary With Bare Hands, created by photojournalist Tomaso Clavarino and video maker Isacco Chiaf in 2016, a new dimension. 


The event is organised in collaboration with LaVallée, a project developed by Smart Belgique.



WITH BARE HANDS (Live) - The human and environmental costs of shipbreaking

Written by Isacco Chiaf, Sharanya Deepak, Serenella Martufi, Caroline Massie



Live show starts at 9 pm



Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39

1080 Brussels (Belgium)