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The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a global coalition of organisations working to reverse the environmental harm and human rights abuses caused by current shipbreaking practices and to ensure the safe and environmentally sound dismantling of end-of-life ships worldwide.

Just as the goods they transport, ships too become waste when they reach the end of their operational lives. Yet only a fraction is handled in a safe and clean manner. The vast majority of the world's end-of-life fleet, full of toxic substances, is simply broken down - by hand - on the beaches of South Asia. There, unscrupulous shipping companies exploit minimal enforcement of environmental and safety rules to maximise profits.

Ship owners from East Asia and Europe top the list of dumpers that sell ships for breaking on South Asian beaches.

In Bangladesh, India and Pakistan ships are broken apart directly on the beach instead of in an industrial site: a practice known as "beaching".


Since 2009:




The Toxic Tide – 2019 Shipbreaking Records

2019 shipbreaking records: most shipping companies continue to opt for the highest price at the worst scrapping yards.

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Where ships go to die – Winner of the Public Eye Investigation Award

Decommissioned deep-sea vessels are floating toxic waste. Their disposal is laborious and costly, and regarded as a menace by those who want to protect both the workers… Read More

Maersk’s toxic trade: the North Sea Producer case

In August 2016 the FPSO NORTH SEA PRODUCER was beached in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The ship was allowed to leave the UK based on false claims that it… Read More

The controversial case of the Harrier: holding business to account

It all started with an anonymous letter informing us that the EIDE CARRIER was sold for scrap. Having been laid up for many years on the Norwegian… Read More


Brussels, Oct 08th 2020

Platform News – Platform welcomes new Indonesian partner organisation

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform welcomes the Nexus3 Foundation as new partner organisation.

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Reykjavík, Sep 25th 2020

Press Release – Prosecutor launches investigation after Icelandic journalists shed light on illegal export of toxic ships to India

Kveikur uncovers the illegal export of two container ships. Ship owner Eimskip and cash buyer GMS under the spotlight.

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Brussels, Sep 23rd 2020

Press Release – NGOs call EU’s intent to export toxic ships to developing countries illegal and contrary to aims of Green Deal

NGOs call upon the EU to reform both the Waste Shipment Regulation and the Ship Recycling Regulation.

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Brussels, Aug 11th 2020

Platform News – Carnival Corporation commits to sustainable ship recycling

NGOs commend cruise shipping giant Carnival Corporation for its recent decision to support clean, safe and just ship recycling.

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Brussels, Jul 09th 2020

Platform publishes South Asia Quarterly Update #22

There were a total of 98 ships broken in the second quarter of 2020. Of these, 60 ships were sold to the beaches of South Asia, where shipbreaking kept putting workers’ lives at risk.

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London, Jul 03rd 2020

Platform News – NGO Shipbreaking Platform awarded grant by Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Engineering X has awarded nearly £1 million in grants to projects aimed at tackling challenges of decommissioning ships and offshore structures.

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Taiwan, Jun 22nd 2020

Platform News – Platform’s member BELA awarded the 2020 Tang Prize

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association has been awarded the prestigious 2020 Tang Prize in Rule of Law.

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Brussels, Jun 11th 2020

Platform News – NGO Shipbreaking Platform presents Impact Report 2018/2019

These past two years the Platform has won support for sustainable ship recycling in the financial sector while raising the stakes for ship owners who opt for… Read More