Press Release – EU’s leverage & insurance policy on dirty shipping needed

Environmental NGOs call upon the EU to effectively regulate ship borne pollution From dangerous emissions in ports to hazardous scrapping on South Asian beaches, European shipping companies… Read More
Published in February 28th, 2017

Press Release – Platform publishes list of ships dismantled worldwide in 2016

European ship owners top the list of global dumpers: the EU must do more to reverse this scandal Read our country-specific press releases: Brazil | Germany |… Read More
Published in February 01st, 2017

Platform News – ‘With Bare Hands’: an immersive journey into the problems of shipbreaking

International media outlets publish 'With bare hands', the first multimedia and data-driven reporting project that documents the negative impacts on the environment and the human costs of… Read More
Published in January 25th, 2017

Platform News – Fire on Greek ship raises death toll in Pakistan

Another catastrophic fire shakes Gadani shipbreaking yards Five more shipbreaking workers were killed and one injured in yet another fire that took place in the shipbreaking yards… Read More
Published in January 10th, 2017

Platform News – No more dead workers!

Platform calls for responsible solution for Berge Stahl, flag ship of the Port of Rotterdam The Berge Stahl, one of the world’s largest iron ore bulkers, made… Read More
Published in December 20th, 2016

Press Release – Danish opposition parties call on Government to stop beaching of Maersk vessels

Questioned Minister lacks political direction on ship recycling The Danish Environment Minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, had to answer to the Parliament yesterday following questions put to the… Read More
Published in December 15th, 2016

Platform News – Worker killed in yard breaking German-owned container ship “Viktoria Wulff”

On 4 December, worker Shah Jahan was killed on the spot at Arefin shipbreaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where German container ship “Viktoria Wulff” (IMO 9252101) is… Read More
Published in December 12th, 2016

Platform publishes South Asia Quarterly Update #11

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform publishes today the eleventh South Asia Quarterly Update, a briefing paper in which it informs about the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh, India and… Read More
Published in November 17th, 2016

Press Release – NGOs denounce dangerous working conditions after major explosion at Gadani shipbreaking yard in Pakistan killing at least 21 workers

A major blast caused by several gas cylinder explosions onboard an oil production and storage tanker, beached at Gadani shipbreaking plot number 56, killed at least 21… Read More
Published in November 02nd, 2016

Platform News – Maersk incited business partner to opt for worst breaking practices for 14 ships

A third report by the investigative journalists of Danwatch, “Maersk and the shadowy deals”, reveals that the Danish container ship giant has incentivised the sale of 14… Read More
Published in October 28th, 2016